Ding Dong, Ellipses

It's Episode 160! We start off presenting our lasagna findings. Many opinions were shared and many were wrong. Continue down the road of complaining a...View Details

Ding Dong, Gourd Lord

It's Episode 159! This episode, we tackle the great lasagna debate, invest in unholy amounts of vegetables, and bring some boys to the yard. Also, mak...View Details

Ding Dong, Bumbo

It's Episode 158. Take a journey with us into the marbleverse and learn all sorts of things you didn't know you needed to know! In this episode, we di...View Details

Ding Dong, Bodcast

It's Episode 157! This week, we officially become a bodcast and Beefhams are top of the chain babyyyy! Dive in as we discuss scams, potatoes, AI, and ...View Details

Ding Dong, Dump Cake

It's Episode 156. You ever eat dump meals before? We discuss this odd method of cooking, talk about Bernie memes, invest, and jump into some childhood...View Details

Ding Dong, Weather Report

It's Episode 155! Holy moly we're all in the same studio again. Tyler and Madison were in the vicinity so we had to record, ya know? Join us as we tal...View Details

Ding Dong, Puppy Savers

It's Episode 154 and we are in a new year! We break down our Christmas and New Years happenings, do some reminiscing on Flash games that we used to pl...View Details

Ding Dong, Word Boys

It's Episode 153! This week we're gearing up for the holidays! We dive right in and talk about fast food, boys, bears, and a bunch of other random wor...View Details

Ding Dong, Ribs

It's Episode 152! We dive right in and talk about smoking meats. Make sure to get high temp cheese. We also have your one stop shop for every Christma...View Details

Ding Dong, December

It's Episode 151! We took Thanksgiving off but here we are again. Did you pay your bills? We did. Always a bummer. In this episode, we talk about kids...View Details

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