Ding Dong, Cougar Fight

Episode 171 is here! This week, we go to the lake with Tyler, learn about an unfortunate bear incident, learn how fast cougars are, and talk track for...View Details

Episode 170 babyyyyy! After a small hiatus, we're back at it. We talk about Tyler's new home and the plights of homeownership, survive a storm, visit ...View Details

Ding Dong, Death Match

Episode 169 is here! Tyler is close to buying a house! Very exciting. Join us as we talk about smart tech, laughing at dumb jokes, and animals you cou...View Details

It's Episode 168! In this episode, we take it back to a classic; Costco. Chicken sandwiches all around! We discuss catching chickens, living in Montan...View Details

Ding Dong, Table Pong

It's Episode 167. Being in the same city is always good for recording. We started out talking about dusty creeps at an estate sale, then about space a...View Details

Ding Dong, Diatribe

It's episode 166. We fought the Pro Tools gods and seem to have come out unscathed. Join us as we talk about some D&D, mental highways, and The Wa...View Details

Ding Dong, Great News

Episode 165 is here! Join us on an adventure through poop songs, learn the difference between river and lake people and then hear about some GREAT NEW...View Details

Ding Dong, Dumas

It's Episode 164 and we're here to say thank you for listening! We talk about missing episodes, Tyler's childhood room, Goop, and find the ultimate in...View Details

Ding Dong, Capicola

It's Episode 163! It's that time of year again when we start doing brackets. Before we get into that though, we talk about things dads say, scary comp...View Details

Ding Dong, Dense Cake

Episode 162 is here! We start off in a better mood thanks to our good friend, the sun. Join us on a journey through hilarious rap lyrics, people who a...View Details

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